Westone Super Headless bass

Although it looks like one, this is not an 'Anniversary' model, it first appeared in 1985. The RRP at the time was £550.

(Info from July 1985 Guitarist magazine-  according to the 1985/6 catalogue, the scale length is 34 inches and only the Walnut finish bass has  RB pickups, the transparent red one has 2 Magnabass V pickups)

Info from the 1985/6 Hot Stuff headless basses catalogue - the Walnut finish model is the  Super Headless Bass RC (X910WA, pictured below) and has 2 Magnaflux RB pickups the transparent red one is the Super Headless Bass FS (X900TPR) and has 2 Magnabass V pickups (Also available in Light Oak with graphics stripe - note none of the US pricelists mention this colour).

Please see the catalogue for pictures of this model. Both models first appear in the April 1985 US pricelist at $799.50, rising to $850 in Sept 1985. They last appear in August 1986, prices were $1069 (Transparent red FS) and $1150 (Walnut finish RC)

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The Super Headless was also available as a fretless model

Thanks to Ebay member therealfez for the pictures

While the guitars pictured here and in the catalogues have the truss rod adjustment at the body end, some have it at the clamp end of the neck (Thanks to Ririraa for pointing this out)