This site is devoted to the Westone brand of guitars and basses that WERE (note the past tense!) made originally by Matsumoku of Japan from 1981 to 1987/88, and subsequently by SLM from 1987/88 to 1991. Whether you already own a Westone guitar or are considering buying one, this site will give you the most accurate information about Westone guitars and basses that you can find.

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Please note that Westone Guitars have NOT been manufactured for over twenty years. This site is owned and run by a Westone fan and owner, NOT by a company and in no way connected with the original Japanese manufacturing plant. We have no access to any spare parts, or any deeper information than what is found within these pages. There may well be someone on the forums who might be able to help you out, so do take some time to visit and join up!

If you wish to find out the perceived value of your guitar, take a look at recently completed auctions on eBay. Your guitar is worth what you can persuade some one to buy it from you for, nothing more, nothing less

Most of the information in this site is either taken from Westone catalogues, magazine reviews or from Thorn's own guitars. Sources are named for info on other guitars where possible and make it clear when taking a best guess. We hope you enjoy your visit

If you think that any of the information on this site is incorrect, or you have any more information about any of the listed instruments, please, do not hesitate to get in touch with the webmaster and state your case!

If you need to get more information about any given guitar, it is HIGHLY recommended that you visit the forums, which are populated by 30-40 very pleasant, very experienced and knowledgeable Westone owners, at least one of which will know the answer to your question. The address is: http://forum.westoneguitars.net/




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NOTE FOR EBAY SELLERS Unfortunately there have been far too many instances where site content has been used inappropriately (details copied from this site that do not apply to the guitar being sold) or in addition to inaccurate information, so I must set some ground rules:

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