Maintaining classic guitars.

It's not every day that you'll come across a guitar from a specific era that just screams "rare" to you, and picking it up and knowing that it'll soon be yours is a great feeling. But how do you ensure that it doesn't fall apart or suffer whether it's kept on display or actually used? Here's some tips to get you started.

  1. Common sense. It's astonishing how many people do things with their guitars that wouldn't make any sense when considered from the perspective of someone who wants to keep instruments in good condition. Putting them in a case, or keeping them on a stand, ensuring they don't bump into anything, guarding against plectrum scratches or chipped paint and woodwork - a lot of these issues can be avoided cheaply and easily. So think things through when you're storing or playing your guitar.

  2. Cleaning. Ensure the guitar is regularly cleaned and kept in the best possible condition. Protecting the wood body by touching up varnish where it's needed, and never skipping a full cleaning session will mean that dirt doesn't have the ability to get wedged in and permanently damage the guitar, or make the next full cleaning job a lot harder.

  3. Repair knowledge. Restringing a guitar isn't the hardest job in the world, but knowing how to repair a broken pickup or fix a bridge can really help you out. Especially in financial terms - if you'd rather be spending your money on a PartyPoker site than on hiring someone to repair a musical relic, then learning your craft should be one of your top priorities. It also means a potential hobby that you can make money from - talented individuals who can repair a guitar well and at speed can make good money from the right people.

    Most importantly of all, it's crucial that you're not allowing the guitar to fall apart. As much as it might hurt, you might be better off considering selling a collection you love rather than leaving it to rot, however hardy your average guitar may be, but we wouldn't blame you if you held on to them. Just try to make sure they stay healthy!