Westone Spectrum MX (X139)

First appears in the 1985 UK catalogue, available in Transparent Red or Transparent Blue

Listed in the Jan April and Sept 1985 US pricelists at $299.50, rising to $349 by August 1986.

The MX does not appear in the April 1987 pricelist.

Spectrum MX front Spectrum MX backSpectrum MX body frontSpectrum MX body backSpectrum MX headstock

Red Spectrum MXThey were also made in red and I've come across rumours that there are supposed to be some very rare white ones.

This seems to be the Westone version of an urban myth - according to all the catalogues and priceelists that I have available they were only available in red or blue.

Buying tips - The pickups may not be the ones listed in the catalogues - see the UBC pickups page for details