Westone Spectrum LX bass (X695)

Spectrum LX bassUnusually this model came with two necks, a fretted and a fretless. It was also available with just the fretted neck (22 fret, 34" scale).  The fretless neck had position dots along the top side , white in all the normal positions (3, 5, 7, 12 etc) and red for the rest. Two Westone Magnaflux unbalanced coil pickups (One Magnabass II, one Magnabass IV), active tone controls, coil tap and phase switches.

Thanks to the unbalanced coil pickups, switching on coil tap doesn't result in any significant  loss of volume. Maple body, Canadian Hard Maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, graphite nut.

First appears in the 1985 UK catalogue, only available in black with a dull black graphics stripe.

The catalogue lists an option of 'fretless neck and case available' - the 1986 catalogue gives the option as 'only fretted instrument available', so in 1985 you could buy the bass with an optional fretless neck and case, in 1986 that was the default.

Listed in the Jan and April 1985 US pricelists at $659.50 with case, rising to $679.50 in Sept 1985, $899 in August 1986 with a 2 neck case, dropping to $749 in Sept 1987.

The LX bass does not appear in the Jan 1988 pricelist.