Westone Spectrum FX (X199)

The set neck has a pronounced heel on earlier models, from April 86 the FX used the same heelless set neck design as the Prestige 250 and Pantrera X390

First appears in the 1985 UK catalogue, available in Candy Red, Candy Blue, Metallic Black or Silverstone.

In the January and April 1985 US pricelists, colours available are Candy Red, Black and Silverstone, price is $479.50.

The price rises to $499.50 in the Sept 1985 pricelist.

A White finish is added in the August 1986 pricelist, and prices rise to$659 for the White finish, $675 for Black and Silverstone and $699 for Candy Red.

In the Sept 1987 pricelist White is the only finish available at $659. The FX does not appear in the Jan 1988 pricelist.

Spectrum FXSpectrum FX body

Thanks to Israel Antonio Valle Duarte for the photos aboveThanks to Dean Tucker for these photos of his Silverstone FX -

At some point (As with the DX) the trem changed to the Bendmaster Deluxe - thanks to Ty Welt for the photos below

Spectrum FXSpectrum FX Bendmaster Deluxe

Buying tips - check the trem is complete, parts may be very hard to obtain. The pickups may not be the ones listed in the catalogues - see the UBC pickups page for details