Westone Concord SX

HSS pickups, 5 way pickup selector switch, one volume (Push/pull switch for coil tap) two tone (Tone 1 push/pull switch for phase adjust), Bendmaster FT trem with FT string lock with an all-over blue lacquer finish. 22 frets.

The only apparent differences between this guitar and the Spectrum SX are the slightly larger white position markers and the name on the headstock.

This one dates from late 1984 (7 digit serial beginning with 411). Since this model doesn't feature in the 82, 83 84 or 85 catalogues, and the Spectrum SX existed by 1985, I presume the Concord SX was only available in 1984

Thanks to Doug Lehman for the photos and switching/serial number info

Concord SX frontConcord SX backConcord SX controlsConcord SX backConcord SX bodyConcord SX headstockConcord SXConcord SX neckConcord SX neck back

There was also a red version, I don't know if any other colours were available