Westone Concord III

There are at least four (Possible five) versions of the Concord III - all were made by Matsumoku


As shown in the 1982 German catalogue -

Version 2 (1982-3)

As shown in the 1982/3 catalogue -


As shown in the 1983 catalogue. Differences from version 2 -


As shown in the 1984 catalogue. Differences from version 3 -

I'm not sure where the one pictured below fits - there are some similarities to versions 1, 2 and 3, so it may fit somewhere between them, but there are also parts that do not match any other version. As the neck plate is an early design that seems to have been phased out in 1983, I suspect it dates from 1982/3. It may be either a transitional model between other versions or a regional variation (It was bought in the US). It's possible that it is a prototype / pre-production model (There is no obvious serial number). Similarities to other versions - Side mounted jack (Versions 1 and 2) Scratchplate - same shape and number of screws as version 3 Rosewood fingerboard - (Versions 1 and 3). The  logo is different to any other version It has brass saddles, but the bridge is steel

The truss rod cover and the hole in the end of the scratchplate by the neck are not original. (Thanks to Gena for the pictures of this one)