Westone Dynasty wiring

This is a wiring diagram for a 1985 Dynasty and should work with any Westone that has the same pickups and controls, such as the Dimension IV, Spectrum LX, FX and GT - probably the Monark as well - note that it may not be exactly the same as the original wiring on other models, but it will work with them.

All pots are 500K with DPDT switches, the tone capacitors are 0.022 microfarad Mylar. The 3-way switch on the Dynasty is an enclosed toggle switch mounted next to the controls, therefore there may be slight differences in the wiring for guitars with the switch mounted in a different position, but once the wires reach the pots everything should be the same. The wiring colours may differ in other models. The earth/shield wire from both humbuckers is soldered to the body of Tone 1